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Draft Notice
Photo-copy of a 1961 Vietnam-era Draft Notice.

Drill Sergeants
Overview of procedures to enter the Army Drill Sergeant Program.

E. Timor
The Pentagon has announced that it may send troops to East Timor.

E. Timor -- Another Somalia?
Are we sending these "noncombatant" Marines into harms way?

Eligibility Chart for Promotions
Chart which shows the basic eligibility criteria for enlisted promotions in the Navy.

Evaluation FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about the Air Force Officer Evaulation System (OERs).

Exceptional Family Member Program
Overview of the Army Exceptional Family Member Program.

Family Support Info
Article with information about all of the family support services available for Navy families.

First Sergeant Course
Overview of procedures for selection to attend the Army First Sergeant Training Course.

First Sergeants
Dedicated to that enlisted person who carries the beeper 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Frocking Policy
Instructions on exactly when, why, and where, an officer may wear the next higher grade after being selected for promotion in the Army.

Gays in the Military - The Logistics
If open-gays are allowed to serve, who do you room them with?

Information on the Navy program which guarantees attendence at a specific A-School for enlistees.

HIV Positive Assignment Policy
Army policy on assignments and assignment restrictions for personnel who are HIV positive.

Humor, General Military
Jokes and humorous stories about the United States Military.

Indefinate Reenlistment Program
Basic information about the Army Indefinate Reenlistment Program for career soldiers.

Let Gulf Vets Teach you to Beat the Heat
For over 10 years, military people have been surviving the 120 degree heat in the Persian Gulf. Take some tips from the Pros.

Locating Marines
Information from the Marine Corps about locating active duty and retired Marines.

Locating Military People
How to find active duty, separated, and retired members of the U.S. Military.

Locating Sailors
The Navy's official World Wide Locator Service.

Locator Procedures
Exact procedures for locating military personnel through official channels.

Locator, Air Force
Information from the Air Force about locating active duty and retired Air Force personnel.

Locator, Army
Procedures for locating active duty personnel in the Army.

Locator, Coast Guard
Procedures for locating active duty personnel in the United States Coast Guard.

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