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Navy, Marines & Coast Guard

Blue Angels Plane Crashes, Kills 2
A U.S. Navy Blue Angels F-18/A Crashed in Georgia, killing the two aviators on board.

Boot Camp - Navy
Armed Forces Press article giving an overview of U.S. Navy Basic Training.

Everything you ever wanted to know about U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers.

Chief Petty Officer
Outstanding article about the history and evolution of the Chief Petty Officer Rating in the U.S. Navy

Coast Guard Bases
Listing of and links to Coast Guard Installations.

Commissioning Programs
Various methods to gain a commission in the United States Navy.

Information on locating and researching Navy Ship Deck Logs.

Eligibility Chart for Promotions
Chart which shows the basic eligibility criteria for enlisted promotions in the Navy.

Fact Sheets, Navy
Facts and photos of Navy aircraft, weapons, and ships.

Family Support Info
Article with information about all of the family support services available for Navy families.

Information on the Navy program which guarantees attendence at a specific A-School for enlistees.

Article with general information about Navy Family Housing.

Humor, Marines
Jokes and humorous stories about the United States Marine Corps.

Humor, Navy
Jokes and humorous stories about the United States Navy.

Job Descriptions (Ratings) - Enlisted
Complete description of enlisted jobs in the United States Navy.

Job Listing, Marine Enlisted
Listing of Enlisted Job Opportunities in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Locating Marines
Information from the Marine Corps about locating active duty and retired Marines.

Locating Sailors
The Navy's official World Wide Locator Service.

Locator, Coast Guard
Procedures for locating active duty personnel in the United States Coast Guard.

Marine Captain Charged in Death of Recruit
A Marine captain has been charged with negligent homicide for the training death of a recruit under his command.

Marine Corps Bases and Units
Listing of and links to Marine Corps bases, which have Internet web Sites online.

Marine Corps Aces
Listing of Naval and Marine Corps Naval Aces (Aircrew with over five "kills.")

Marine Corps MEUs
Links to Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs).

For a very few, the Marines offer perhaps the best benefit of all -- a new life.

Description of Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs).

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