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Alphabetical Index

Promotion - Air Force WAPS
How to calculate enlisted promotion points.

Promotion Handbooks
View and Print Navy Promotion Handbooks for all Enlisted Ratings. Requires use of Acrobat Reader Program.

Promotion Recommendations
Some advice for Army mid-enlisted folks to help prepare themselves for promotion.

Promotion System
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Navy Officer Promotion System.

Promotion System
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Navy Enlisted Promotion System.

Promotion System (Enlisted)
Explaination of the Navy Promotion system for enlisted personnel.

Promotions, Army Officer
Brief overview of the Army Officer Promotion System.

Promotions, Navy Chiefs
Information about the Navy Chief Selection System.

Property Shipment
Informative article about shipping household goods for members of the military.

Ranger Training
Overview of procedures for applying for Army Ranger Training.

History and interesting trivia about U.S. Military rank and insignia.

Rank & Insignia
Chart which shows all the service's military rank & insignia side-by-side for easy comparison.

Rank (Rate) and Ratings Chart
Navy rate (rank) and ratings (insignia) charts.

Rank History
History of Officer and Warrant Officer Rank and Insignia.

Rank History
History of the U.S. Army enlisted insignia. This page makes for fascinating reading.

Get a copy of your military records for free from the National Personnel Records Center.

Records Correction
Information about appealing information in your Air Force military records, such as performance reports, decorations, promotions, etc.

Records Correction (Discharge)
Information about appealing type and characterization of a discharge.

Reenlistment Incentives
Article describing available incentives to reenlist in the U.S. Navy.

It used to require a trip to the orderly room to read a regulation. Now you can look up a regulation online.

Regulations & Publications
You don't have to go to the orderly room to look it up in the reg anymore. Here's a complete listing of Army regulations and publications online.

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