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Alphabetical Index

Locating Military People
How to find active duty, separated, and retired members of the U.S. Military.

Locating Sailors
The Navy's official World Wide Locator Service.

Locator Procedures
Exact procedures for locating military personnel through official channels.

Locator, Air Force
Information from the Air Force about locating active duty and retired Air Force personnel.

Locator, Army
Procedures for locating active duty personnel in the Army.

Locator, Coast Guard
Procedures for locating active duty personnel in the United States Coast Guard.

Marine Captain Charged in Death of Recruit
A Marine captain has been charged with negligent homicide for the training death of a recruit under his command.

Marine Corps Bases and Units
Listing of and links to Marine Corps bases, which have Internet web Sites online.

Marine Corps Aces
Listing of Naval and Marine Corps Naval Aces (Aircrew with over five "kills.")

Marine Corps MEUs
Links to Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs).

For a very few, the Marines offer perhaps the best benefit of all -- a new life.

Married Couples
Overview of the Army Married Couples Assignments Program.

Medals, Army Awards & Decorations
Graphical pictorials of Army ribbons. You can click on any ribbon and get a detailed explanation of award criteria.

Medical Care - Cancer Trials
News Briefing explaining new policy about TriCare reimbursement of cancer trials.

Description of Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs).

Military Legal Assistance
Article describing legal assistance available for military personnel.

Newsletter, Military Matters
Archived online editions of Military Matters, the twice-weekly About.com U.S. Military Newsletter.

MOS - Enlisted (ASI)
Additional Skill Identifier Codes for Army enlisted personnel.

MWR Programs
Overview of various available MWR programs in the U.S. Navy.

Naval Aces
Listing of Naval and Marine Corps Naval Aces (Aircrew with over five "kills.")

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U.S. Military

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