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Alphabetical Index

Listing of Air Force bases which have FAMCAMP Facilities.

Family Support Info
Article with information about all of the family support services available for Navy families.

Feres Doctrine
Famous Supreme Court Decision which states that active duty military cannot sue the government for injuries received incidental to military service.

First Sergeant Course
Overview of procedures for selection to attend the Army First Sergeant Training Course.

First Sergeants
Dedicated to that enlisted person who carries the beeper 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Flag Ceremony - Precidence
The order of precidence for U.S. military services when marching together in a ceremony.

Flag Ceremony - Retreat
Detailed discription of the military ceremony to lower the U.S. Flag at the end of the day.

Flag Ceremony - Reveille
Detailed discription of the military ceremony for raising the U.S. Flag at the start of the day.

Flag customs and rules
Tips and rules for the proper display of the United States Flag.

Flag Folding
Step-by-step procedures for the correct folding of the United States Flag.

Frocking Policy
Instructions on exactly when, why, and where, an officer may wear the next higher grade after being selected for promotion in the Army.

Funeral Support
New law, effective 1 Jan 2000, mandating DOD funeral support for all armed forces retirees and veterans.

Gays in the Military - The Logistics
If open-gays are allowed to serve, who do you room them with?

Information on the Navy program which guarantees attendence at a specific A-School for enlistees.

H.R. 2966
Text of a Bill introduced on 28 Sep 99 in the House to restore lost medical benefits to military veterans and retirees.

Health Care
Information about the Continued Health Care Benefits Program, a commercial health-insurance for former spouses, not convered under 20/20/20 or 20/20/15.

HIV Positive Assignment Policy
Army policy on assignments and assignment restrictions for personnel who are HIV positive.

Presidential Commission reports states that high-level U.S. Army officials took valuable items which should have been returned to Natzi Holocaust Victims.

Article with general information about Navy Family Housing.

How To's
Short, to-the-point checklists on how to accomplish military-related tasks.

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U.S. Military

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