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Very interesting Naval traditions concerning the origins of some enlisted ratings and procedures concerning enlisted members.

Training, Army Airborne
Overview about applying for Army Airborne Training.

Training, NCO
Information and qualifications to attend the Army Advanced Noncommissioned Officer's Course.

Traveling Cheap
How active duty and retired military can dramatically cut their off-duty travel costs.

Test your military knowledge with these 10 general knowledge military trivia Questions! Hope you're as smart as you think you are!

The U.S. Coast Guard
Who are These Silent Heroes Looking for JFK?

Uniform History
Interesting tidbits of history concerning various Naval uniform items.

Uniform Trivia
Trivial facts about the care and wear of Navy uniform items.

Uniforms, Air Force
Policy for retired Air Force members on when and where the service uniform may be worn.

The United States Navy
On the Job for the Recovery

Frequently asked questions about DFAS payment system for retired pay divised under the provisions of the USFSPA.

VA Medical Care Fact Sheet
Basic eligibility criteria and procedures to obtain health care from the Veteran's Administration.

General information about voting for military personnel.

Walter-Reed Hotel in Washington D.C.
Information about staying in one of the 200 first-class rooms in the Walter Reed Army Hospital Hotel. This is not just for patients and has huge discounts.

Weight Control Program
Overview of the Army Weight Control Program.

What Heros Are Made Of
U.S. Navy rescue 8 from sinking boat in hurricane.

What the Recruiter Never Told You
Seven-part series feature article, all about the truth of military pay, benefits, and joining up.

Why did you Join?
Exactly why did you choose to join the United States Military?

Year of the Pay Raises
Kosovo was good for military pay and benefits.

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U.S. Military

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