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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #46

Official DOD Photo

The Winners:

No smoking mean no smoking - homalone

The new female Commandant decided the "wet boxer shorts" contest was a winner all by itself. - Ian

If I told you Grunts ONCE I've told you a MILLION times!!! You WILL shower after PT!!! - Lt_1117USMC

Honorable Mentions (in order of receipt:)

In a new pilot program, the Pentagon is testing showering WHILE running to speed things up in the morning. - afwife5288

After months of careful consultation with the health department, the Army has decided that this is the most efficient way of providing quick showers for the soldiers and hydrating them at the same time too. - Nothing Spectacular

"Showers? We don' need no steenkin' showers." - McNabb

And here we thought the 30 second showers in the barracks were bad! - nicarusone

But my supervisor said we could come out to watch the marathon as long as we washed the trucks... so I don't see your point. - angehowe

This is what happens after you march through the head. - George Malsam

"We get this!!! The Air Force gets olympic size pools!!" - viewcam

Notice how some people have a strange defination of OUTDOOR showers? - tony campo

Whoo, that feels good. Thirty-six hours running and no shower is no way to live. - USN Recruit

It's not Saturday, is it? - airwingjim

Monthly showers, 1400-1500. Mandatory, whether you need it or not! - G-man

See Stinky we told you to take a shower now look what you got us into!! - doe

We told the kids they were not aloud to smoke after school. - dunny33

I don't care what Secretary Rumsfeld says about the budget! We should STILL be able to have showers IN the building after our PT! - Retired Eagle

Oh throwin heli's at us are ya, well if you wasover here i'd give ya this, hits other guy, "oop" - major. malone

So THIS is what they meant by "Fire Drill"... - MTMalooley

Hey guys, watch it! We're trying to wash the truck with a 750 psi hose! Of course it hurts! That's why the area is OFF LIMITS! Imbeciles...- Look!

I knew we should've packed the deepfreeze deodorant! - Mello

No, it's not a DECON exercise. They've been reading the new VICTORIA'S SECRET Catalogue. - Chief(ret) kvb

I'm a maniac, a maniac , of the ball. and i'm dancing like i've never danced before. - Devil Dog

So, we are a little funky after 30 days in the field. Did they have to call the HAZMAT team!!! - BAT

Marine: Dude! We get showers! Awesome! Sailor: Dude! You call this a shower? This sucks. - Sgt. Mac

I thought the forecast said no rain for today? - Brownie

Yay! It's water day in Army Boot Camp!! - Semper Fi Falco

Boy these PT requirements are getting Insane! Run the 2 miles barefoot then get blasted by a firehose. Geeze!! - cjy761

Boot Camp Rule #1386- Getting shrinkage and cadencing around St.Mary's Catholic School for Girls will not make you a better soldier. No matter what ur DI may tell you. - USMC Devildog Mike

"Guys, we must stink really bad if they have to wear these yellow suits and shower us like this!" - Toaster

My recruiter told me they'd have open shower rooms but this is crazy!!! - Night Hawk

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