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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #45

Official DOD Photo

The Winners:

OK you two, get a woom!! - G-man

Yuck! If they had pacifiers, they wouldn't have to do that. - //Chief(ret) kvb//

Back off Sailor, she's mine and when I grow up I'll become a Marine and kick your butt! - usmcgruntmom

Honorable Mentions (in order of receipt:)

Alright, who is this guy and what is he doing to my mommy? - afwife5288

If Daddy wasn't the OOD, I'll bet he'd be mad. - McNabb

"Mommy, who are you kissing?" - Ineffective Mosquito

Baby: "Mom wasn't kidding when she said the navy taught dad how to hold is breath a long time." - Bob the Nailer

HEY! I didn't know Navy Boys kissed females! - ArmyGreen

I spent nine months cramped in her involuntarily. What's his logic for choosing the same fate? - nny403

Eww, Dad had Octopus for dinner again last night. - Maggie

Hmmm, last week it was a guy in a green uniform and the week before a guy in a blue uniform and oh, those damn pop up ads. - Stevie Raves On

(Baby) Oh, this is what she meant when she said she would have seamen on her lips - Simpleton

"Mommy, that isn't my daddy" - Ryno

baby - excuse me...WHAT are you doing to my mother?? do i know you??!! - armyfan

midshipman dudley was none too bright, although he did enjoy seeing his wife for the first time in 12 months, he was especially exited about seeing his 2 month old son for the first time - urban cowboy

Wait, that's not daddy! - Quincy Mason

Gee, if you are that hard up, I'll let you borrow my binkie. - Oma, in Wilmington, NC

"Hey!! Isn't this how I got started??!!" - viewcam

"I dunno.....I prefer a pacifier...." - viewcam

"Now which do I want? A baby sister or a baby brother?" - Aaron

Jane, thinks..... One down, a regiment to go - Dunny33

Jeez.....dress em up, can't take em nowhere! - Hawk (USMC 71-73)

I had more hair when I came out of mommy than you do coming out of that sub. - PaulFalk

If I Pull On This Strap Maby Dad Will Think Twice & Stay Home!!! - Sharkie

Last night it was a Major she was kissing. - Shallie

Last time you did that, I HAPPENED. Does that mean I get a baby sister? - PaulFalk

"I wonder what he did that he gets treatment like that!!! It must be that funny thing he has on his head... - doe

Mommy, who's this guy you're kissing? - Osprey65

Daddy, is that what you got those pretty ribbons for? - Armysapper

Sure Dad you take the lips I got the good parts!! - Rimfire

"Will you be my baby's daddy?" - Emma Jean

Mommy? Daddy? What are ya doin'? - JJ

"No lower, man! These are mine." - Cecilki

Something tell's me I'm not going to be an only child much longer! - nefly

So - Mom/Dad...Are you telling me this is how I started? - Retired Eagle

Who's that man that is stuck to my mom? They haven't come up for air in ten minutes? Anybody got a crowbar? - Bluejay

"Umm, pretty suave Pop; sucking face is way better than sucking this blue thing!" - Navy Mom

Man to Child: "Now I want you to say hello to your Mama." Child: "Ma-ma?" Woman: "I'm...I'm a mother?" Man to Woman: "Scout's honor." Woman: "I'm a mother!!" - Steve-O

but...you're not my daddy...- abn

Hay mister, if I poke you in the tummy,will you giggle? - Oilcan


uum, sailors do it best! - navydad

uh o bet I'm gonna get a baby brother. - navydad

Good thing somebody volunteered to be a chaperone! I'm watchin' ya sailor! - angehowe

Hey! Just keep those lips up there, buddy. These are mine! - Maggie

What is this guy doing to my mommy? - USN Recruit

Are you sure your my Daddy? - Dick09

What the heck is this!!!! Your not my daddy who puts me to bed every night! I'm telling daddy! - jose26774


"Yo! Stop the funny stuff and FEED ME!!!" - Foxtrot

Hey, where's YOUR binkys? - 1 historian

Why is my Daddy kissing my Mommy? - Mark

"I sure wish I knew who that guy was in the white suit!" - Judy

"Hey dad! Stop smooching and check this out! If you pull her shirt like this it comes off! I think you might find this interesting..." - Foxtrot

Its about time daddy came back, my cheek was getting soggy! - usaf2b

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