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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #42

Official DOD Photo

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The Winners:

While few questioned the increased security at the Salt Lake City Winter Games, the "scoreboard, mobile, self-securing" raised a few eyebrows. - Ian

"I don't care what the FAA says, license plates on airplanes is a stupid idea." - The Universal Curmudgeon

I said spit it out, NOW!! - Nefly

Honorable Mentions (in order of receipt):

And the winning numbers are........... - Ran

Wal-Mart's "ROLL BACK" prices are great. We got this vesatile pigen hole mail box for only $69,009.00, including price sign. They also tell us that we can also use it to hold carrier pigeons. - Stevie Raves On

Check out the low milage. It's only been flown by a little old lady on Sundays! Michael H. Standart

A rare photo of National Guard aircraft going through a routine "dental checkup". Now open your mouth wide, Mr Plane. - Ineffective Mosquito

"Lets go live now to the Air National Guard for this weeks winning Power Ball numbers!" - Devil Dogg

The new airship "Monica" was rolled off the assembly line today. - XGEP

When we log our 70,000th. customer, we're going to celebrate by going back to our original prices for a week. - Charley Noble

Jaws 4! - Bob the Nailer

The Air Force's new scoreboard for all their home games - Bob the Nailer

"AHHHHHHHHHH" - usmcgruntmom

Braaaackkk!!! I knew I should'nt have tried to outdrink that C-130 last night. I'm gonna heave!!! - Lt_Grunt

How does the Air National Guard prep their equipment for foreign sale? How else? They pop the hood and roll the odometer back! - Chip

They say the Air Force guys are snobby, look at that Air National Guard plane with it's nose in the air. - Bolloxx

991 more miles before next oil change!! No way this is National Guard! - SUper LT

They told us to keep a "stiff upper lip". This plane's upper lip was so stiff that it snapped. - Bolloxx

The Colonel said to use Kleenex to wipe its nose! - Shallie

Head for the boats...its jaws. - George Malsam

Preeeeeeseeeent Arms! - Rick Bates

Open wide, stick your tongue out and cough. - dmkcap

Who needs an opener, when I got me a P-38.... Get's them open every time. - mike-Or

I told you to bring 69008. Now go back and do it right - dancncowboy2

Attention Osama: we are now serving number 69009. don't worry about picking up your order, we deliver! - danny boy

Bern Laden 1, Air National Guard 69009. Looks like we got a winner folks. Lifer

Uhmmm, Captain, so why did you get a thermo-nuclear clock in the cargo area? - Sgt. Mac

Air what? seawitch - Sheppard

C-5 Galaxy $750,000; Cool Paint Job $45,000, 18 Steel belted Radials, $5,000; 69,009 absentee votes not counted for VP Gore, P R I C E L E S S - Adam Brockie

69 thousnand & 9 Teeth This is one big Shark the Indian Ocean is a great shark fhising stop!!!! - Bob


Say Ahhhh,,,,and open wide. - Larry Halpin

" Will somebody fill the radiator?" - Abe

Bingo! - Steve London

As long as the hood's up can you check the oil? - Martin Thompson

91 more miles til the next oil change. - Cecilki

And the Air National Guard winning lotto numbers are.... - RECRUIT

President Bush finally approves new, state-of-the-art slot machines on military bases world-wide. - Ranger Daddy Free

(One plane to another)"Did you see #69009? He's such a snob, always flyin' around with his nose in the air." - USMC 4 U US AN ME

Wipe toilet paper gently across back end... - Priv. Jim

Now servicing # 6 9 0 0 9, terrorist number 6 9 0 0 9 please report to the front line.............. - AFL- USS BOXER

Well I'll be damned, it can be used as an air brake. - Ryno

Throwing everything including the kitchen sink at osama bin laden - Dakotah

Sir...I dont think thay make vomit bags that big!" - JONA808

Now stick out your tongue and say ahhhhhh! - Oilcan

Rolling back the odometer can make us a fortune on the resale value to our third world allies. - Memtech

"And the winning number is..." - Brno

Dentist: "O.K, now say 'aaaaaaah'" - Bob the Nailer

Damn Supply screwed up, again. They gave us the house number but no street, city or state. - //Chief(ret) kvb//

Now open wide and say 'Ah'. You have beautiful tonsils. - USN Recruit

You think YOU got cavitiy problems! - Retired Eagle

Dispatch to all units, we have a run away airplane, license plate number 69009. - Brownie

How the Air Force guys at Andrews AFB pick loterry numbers. - Brownie

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