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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #36

Official DOD Photo

The Winners:

The Environmentalists received this picture as an explaination for why so many ships were hitting whales - XGEP

Okay Sir, do you see this little sinking boat? Yeah, that's you. - Coelho

Just 15 more years in the NFL and i could have bought one of these...15 more years.... -Devil Dogg

Honorable Mentions (In order of receipt):

If you push this button we will go streight up, but watch out for fishing boat's - SctDad

Bradshaw thinking: "I'll never get the hang of these video game things. Whatever happened to pinball?" Sailor thinking: "They say he used to be somebody, so I won't laugh at him." - Ian

Let me get this straight, if I climb that chain and grab that banana I get the high score and win that bottle of Rogaine? YeeeHaw - Stugots

And if you hit this one Terry, you get a dollar - Peacemaker

"Now one more turn to the right and you'll get 10-10-220, and your calls will be less than a buck" - Charley Noble

Everytime we entered into this zone, our radar was interferred by a sort of magnetic field. That's why we need someone who can sail without a radar. And you are the one, Grandpa. - Robert Hui Hong Kong

You should be able to hit this one easily, Mr. Bradshaw, it looks just like Howie Long. - AF Airborne


"Look, its so easy even a football player can do it" - The A-Team

If I can run a football team, I can run this boat, besides, for $1 you can dial 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx and get help. - mike-Or

"Okay.....steer left...do a button hook...then I'll fake it to the destroyer." - viewcam

Let's steer this way to see if we can pick up that dollar bill in the water. With 10 10 220 you can get 10 minutes for a dollar. - Marc

Have the PAC-MAN chew up this little guy!! - Itdwolf

All this for just a dollar? Wow. - JAG Girl

While being given an overview of basic ship driving, Mr. Bradshaw was overheard mummering "I'd rather be behind the stick of an F-15!" (Go Bulldawgs!) - USAF Ace

"That's right, Mr. Bradshaw, turn left in front of the middle linebacker." - Dutch

How in the heck do I scrabble this thing so that I don't get sacked again? - Wally

Which button fires the nukes? Ahh,OK,that one. - Sgt. Mac

How do I angle this mirror so that I can comb my hair? - wally

Mr. Bradshaw, turn the wheel until the mouse is pointing at the picture of the hat you want. Press "enter" and we'll get you that hat to will cover that ugly head of yours. Until then, we cannot allow you on the deck in front of the sailors. - SGM Bob

Oh Lord, please, please, don't "TILT" on me now! - Dick

G-9. Dang!!! You sank my Battleship!!! - Lt_1117USMC

let me put it too you this way, go around the tackle and head for the end zone - cowboy67

I didn't know Terry Bradshaw could steer a ship! - Jazzer

Okay, Mr. Bradshaw as you can see just turn the wheel to left and drive towards the endzone. - Mole29

You would think they learned after thier previous accidents. Nuf said! - SrA Sanity

OK dad, like the old PAC MAN game. You have to stay away from the evil men. - TONY CAMPO

Terry, too old to enlist in the Navy, makes public appearances with the U.S. service recruiting offices, hoping that with these star appearances, the Bradley fighting vehicle will be renamed the Bradshaw fighting vehicle. -tony

Bradshaw: "How much is it to play this game, kid?" Soldier: "Only a buck. You can't get anything else today for that price." Bradshaw: "You ever heard of 10-10-220?" - tony

A Burger King up ahead?? - Sportman

Even amid the world's greatest technological advances, Terry Bradshaw's interests succumb to a game of Madden football, Steelers vs. Dolphins. "Come get some, Dan (Marino)!" - tony

Come on Bradshaw, that's not how you drive your team down the field. - Javo

Yes sir, you need to take the next left on 7th Ave. - FDC Soldier

You can say starboard all you want, but I'm turning right! - Mike Sr.

Quick, put in another quarter before the time runs out. - Pat Patterson

It was just a tad uncomfortable, teaching Lurch the basics in steering the Coast Gurard cutter. - Navy Mom

Aw man! There's a dollar on the floor! - Nighthawk

Now Mr. Bradshaw Sir, do you remember the rules for "You sunk my battleship"? - Gibby

"I think the play should develop like this, Mr. Bradshaw." - Cecilki

And when you are lost just push this button; "This is On-Star can I help you?" - pitbull6

I don't see your teeth Mr. Bradshaw, but that seaweed would look great on your bald dome......sir. - Big Daddy Bo

It gets pretty bad when a man asks a women for directions. - MrsPvtDaly

woohhhhhoooo ive beeten my top score - Danny

At the U.S.S. Arcade playing 'Middle East Invaders'- Big Mike

"See, Mr. Bradshaw, if you do an end around you could score a touchdown!" - S_Rauchle

Allright, allright, i'm turning left, why do you allways have to be a back seat driver son? - Crazyfredi

OK Terry, all you need to win is to get this sub before it dives. - Johnny D. Johnson

"Ok Sir...this is what you would call a Sim-U-Lator!" - All-Pau

I suppose 10-10-220 would work on these old dial phones too. - BOLLOX

No Terry! Aikman faked to the left. Look, right there! - Karli

Just like football Mr Bradshaw these are the objects you want to stay away from because if they hit you you want be able to recover. - richrd jenkins

You say all this for a dollar - john alessandro

This is a football field and those are the players and those are the referrees, Mr. Bradshaw. - lavelle55

Now Terry, this isn't quite the same as the telestrater... - Irv Isabella

Yes sir! You get up to twenty minutes for a buck. - Skipper

Where do I put my dollar for the cheap phone call? - Gale

And this is where we watch FOX football,,,,, - vonotterskull

You just beat my high score!!! - ngc1245

They ain't got nothin like this in Baton Rouge! - Ranger Joe

Ok, so umm... Where is the gas pedal again? - Dannie

Even under water men hate asking for directions. - Maggie

...and Mr. Bradshaw, you push this button to blow up Jimmy Kimmel. - MSgt C

Mr. Bradshaw, your receiver is wide open!! Click the right button to throw him the ball!! - Big Tracy

" &#*@* ..... too many years behind a center" - L. John Regelbrugge III LT USN Asisstant First LT USS BOXER (LHD-4)

I sunk Bin Ladin's Battleship! - I wanna play again...do you have anymore quarters kid? - DEP RECRUIT JOSEPH ABDULLAH

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