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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #34

Official DOD Photo

The Winners:

Turn your cockpit to the right and cough, please. - porki1

Dude, if i can smack it and the hull doesn't dent, what is a 50 cal. bullet gonna do?! - Sgt. Mac

In preparation for action, all enlisted aircraft have to go through MEPs - metaldesi

Honorable Mentions (In order of receipt):

Look dad, I can reach it! Can I fly the plane now, like you promised? - afwife5288

If we turn this switch counter-clockwise, then we syphon the fuel from the attached aircraft. - Exidor

I told you I was tall enough to touch it. - Nancy (nicarusone)

Yep, you're right Charlie. It's a male. - Porki1

Watch out, Frank. I hear these things are like hampsters when ya' scare 'em. - Porki1

"Don't touch it there! I don't want that damn thing following me home!" - cptward

"Lets see an Army of One do this" - eodgrunt

Budget cuts have forced the Armed Forces to make some compromises -- like landing gear. - Maggie

You missed a spot. - Maggie

You're about a quart low. - Maggie

See. told you -- planes are female. - Maggie

Oh man!!! You're screwed! - Sky Cop

Now, if you tickle it right about here, the boom wil extend every time! - Chief(ret) kvb

"Man! Would you look at that! Someone stuck their gum under here!" - tony

SGT: "I told you not to pull that pin! Gas is leaking everywhere now!" PV2: "What should we do?" SGT: "We? You stick your finger in there until I get back from supply!" PV2: "Hooah, Sergeant!" - tony

"Hey, check this out! It says, Made in China!" - tony

Airman Joe, new to his maintainance job, suddenly realizes that while using a finger to plug up a fuel leak is a good temporary solution, a more permanent one needs to be found before the plane taxies out of the hanger and lines up on the runway. - USAF Ace

Airman Steve (right), noticing a fuel leak in the Stratotanker, calls over Private Joe (left) for a temporary "Army of One" job. - USAF Ace

If you don't get your hand off my ass, I'm gonna light this match" - Ian

"They said to install a tailhook for carrier landings.....but I don't know....." - viewcam

Just hold this end up while I go get a jack - Sgt. Buss

Darn Engineers, putting the gas cap all the way back here - Old Crow

Then I reached up, grabbed him by the balls and pulled as hard as I could... - PaulJFalk

I know you are NEW airman, but it is true, these planes do have feelings. Rub here before every take off. - PaulJFalk

Koochi, koochi koo - Rick Bates

This is where Ma always put the thermometer. - Mikey

Put the Rim about here Sergeant - Shallie

But sergeant, I forgot my watch! - George Malsam

O.K...This is where we'll drop Bin Laden from. - Chuck Hamil

"I believe I can fly. I can soar through the big blue sky. Drop some bombs on Sadam's head, blow Iraq right into shreds. I believe I can soar. You see my plane, then commies are no more. I believe I can fly!" - Almost Army

Choochie, Choochie, Coo! - NavyWife

This is the way you test if its a boy or girl. OOPs, It's a BOY! - cowboy67

You have to be this tall to fly one of these planes! - FDC Soldier

I don't care WHAT the Crew Chief says! Holding my finger in this hole to keep the fuel in till the fire department gets here just doesn't seem logical! - Retired Eagle

I can't hold it forever harry, give me a hand here - topgun

You press this little button right here and WHAM - your refulin'. - Lifer

Wnat to explain the rust here, Private? I demand a clean machine. - Lifer

Air Force Basketball Tryouts. Can you touch this? - Lifer

HRRRRGNNNN.... Will you guys stop stuffin around and hurry up and change the damn wheel already ???? - The Green Jester

Yep, its a girl! - MaggieinMo

And this is where the plane take's a dump !! - Bob

Damn, I don't know how much longer I can hold the tail of this plane up. - Johnny D. Johnson

HEADLINE: Air Force approves Steroid use. - brak97

"I told you that Wheaties do wonders!!!" - Navy Mom

I wonder if it is tickilish? - Daniel

The winner of the worldwide fingertip plane balancer and his coach - biggu

This syphon's to short! - Skipper

If you tickle it just right, Johnny, the boom will come down. - Dave from Signal Towers, Ft. Gordon

OK Jake, you hold it up while I go find something to put under it till we can find out what happened to the lost wheel. - Tony Campo

Coochy-coochy-coo! - Maggie

Look, next time, stop at the local ARCO. - Mike-Or

Next time, fill up before you leave for a date. I bet she doesn't even believe you're out of gas. - Mike-Or

carl ya mean you left da keys in the cockpit again? - Col. young

Alright bro I get it, your pits do reek! - Chubbs

and now you know that it IS a male plane. - G8rfan

OK, now turn your head and cough. - David58

Go and get another wheel quickly! I can't stand too long! - Robert Hui Hong Kong

I'm superman!!!!!!!! Fight crime, protect the innocent, work for DOD!!!!!!!!!!! - case

"If you want better performance, I'd suggest putting the headers HERE. Do you want black or chrome? - Schmink45

Yep, it's a pinhole leak-got any duct tape?" - Bubski

Steroids? No, why do you ask? - CoastieChief

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