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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #30

Official DOD Photo

The Winners:

I should have explained "surgery" more clearly to that recruiter. - MekongMike

"Damn kids" - Mike Martinez

*sigh* - "Only 19 more years until retirement..."- Airman Ogan

Honorable Mentions (In order of receipt):

Crapy pilots, none of these got Sadam. - Rob

All my training and I become Martha Stewart. - Maggie

Out of baling wire and bubble gum, aviation maintenance is now resorting to masking tape for body repairs. - Exidor

Sure sir, I'll fix your plane right up. (Whispering to himself) When I get done with this, it will look like he has been in every conflict known to mankind. He'll finally get the recognition for the kind of "ACE" he really is, he..he..he. - Mosesiii21

The Navy experiments with low cost "peel and stick" weaponry - Blaster82

Yes sir. I know we fix battle damage with 100-mile-an-hour tape all the time, but I don't think this masking tape and spray glue are gonna work. - Ian Arnold

Lt(JG) O'Guernsey was justifiably proud of his success in the darts tournament at the Stuffed Bull's Head Pub. - Chief(ret) kvb

With the cutbacks 100 mph tape is a no-go. - EnderII

I should be up there making the kills, not freakin taping them on...... - SoonToBeUSAF

"Milk, eggs, toothpaste,...OK, it's all here just get everything on the list. And for Christ's sake, don't forget the toilet paper this time!" - Paul Besett

These damn budget cuts are really killing the navy. - WrAiTh

I guess fifty bucks and a bottle of scotch from the lieutenant is worth painting another row of these stencils....hey wait a minute we don't even have laser guided bombs! - A1C Ballesta

I guess this is easier than connecting the dots. - Nancy (nicarusone)

"He's got to stop knocking over church steeples. I'm running out of Bondo and Duct Tape." - CharleyNoble

Something rattling eh? You don't say..well this tape will fix it. AIR BOSS!! READY FOR LAUNCH! - Look!

OK, Just hold on, This won't hurt a bit!! - Cadet Walter

AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Mom always told me not to go on the top step. - NorthSails16

Scratch on more baby bottle - Rick Bates

Condoms? - Jim Dickson

Yep, nothin' a little duct tape cain't fix. Think I might have to get another role er five ta fix that engine though. They shoulda used GE engines." - Almost Army

Gee, I wished the NCOs would believe me that I can count! - hawk4523

White out for little mistakes, duct tape for big mistakes. Just in case I mess up the duct tape, though, I got the spray paint for General-sized boo-boos." - Almost Army

Hmmm...these were pretty easy. I bet the Knights, King and Queen are going to be tough. - Mekong

Did he say EJECT up or forward like those other arrows? - topgun

I love tape........- Jazzer

Because of his dream of becoming a proctologist, pilot Bilko always found his rubber glove a help in any situation. - Navy Mom

Humm? Pointy end goes left? Right? - Dave @ Sam

Tallying up the number of fixed wing physicals for the day! - SeaRat

A little duct tape and spray paint and the pilot will never notice this dent... - Indie90

Leave it to a chess champion to put the number of games he's won on the side of the aircraft - chuckles

Okay... That's 1... 2... Uh captain!? How many were there? - 1LtHawthorne

Boy, I"ll bet the Lieutenant will REALLY appreciate these on his plane for his FIRST mission. Those Iraqi pilots will probably just stay away from him and not shoot at him at all! - Retired Eagle

OK, insert tab A into slot B.....I really thought my specialized training would come to better fruition than this..... - Navy Mom

A little tape will fix anything. - Marty Rossow AF

Looks a quart low. - Johnny D. Johnson

I keep telling them that Duck Tape will hold these things together, but no, they keep giving me this darn masking tape. - usmcgruntmom

Damn! He hit another WITCH! - JimBrem

Boy I'm glad I didn't join the Navy. I sure wouldn't want to have to put these on the side of a ship. - Tony Campo

We need a new enemy. This squid hunting is getting old.- krs1261

I'll be glad when these damned budget restrictions end - who'd uv thought the US Navy would have to use cardboard and masking tape to fix their airplanes?!?!? - Joe Vaughn

1 little, 2 little, 3 little scuds, 4 little, 5 little, 6 little scuds, 7 little, 8 little, 9 little scuds, 10 little scud boys no more - a World War II buff

I still think screws would hold better! - mrjag

One Iraqi, Two Iraqi, Three Iraqi, Four!- C owboy67

Damn Officers! I try to paint something pretty on a plane and what do I get? They make me tape over it and repaint it all GREY!- Steven

Duct tape should hold this thing togeather!! - khrisdd

I wonder if i can use this tape for bikini waxing?........- mighty blue

Wow, how do such tiny bombs cause damage? - The Last Boyscout

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