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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #29

Photo Courtesy of Colonel L.D. Vona (Used with Permission)

The Winners:

Since we formed up on an incline, everyone will need to tilt their flags like this. - brak97

When it's your turn to say a few words, say Thank you for this opportunity "COL" not "Dad" then sit down and shut-up! -Ce Ce

"Three inches from your chest Pyle! THREE INCHES!" - Mike Martinez

Honorable Mentions (in order of receipt):

What do you mean we're both victims of the "old super-glue trick?" What the Hell does that mean? - MILGUIDE

You drop this one more time and I'm gonna super glue it to your hands...- Ce Ce

No Sir, Sorry Sir, I just can't release the flag to you. - Nancy

But sir, I don't want to play "Capture the Flag" Don't make me play. - afwife5288

"Ok Private The ceremony is over....you can give me that flag back!"- Jon Jon

No, you will carry this flag and like it!!- NAVYDAZE

For the unit with the most creative and effective fund raising, I present this guidon to you MSG BILKO.- Dukduk

I told you - we will dismiss the troops when the fifth soldier falls on his bayonette. We train to standards here, not time. So just freeze in this position while they take the picture. I KNOW ITS 100 DEGREES TODAY! You are lucky I am not doing this on a Saturday, like the last time. - Chip

Give me the damn thing!! It's my turn to hold it! - Pat Spro

"The flag pole, stupid...not your pole...hold the 'FLAG'pole!!!!!" - Cecilki

Enter the pole vaulting event? YES SIR!!!!- Jaycee 37

"I don't care if you did march with the flag girls in high school.....we DON'T twirl our flags when we march!!" - viewcam

Private, Billy here says you hit him with your flag. Now give it to me until you can play nice. - Coelho

Give me the flag I said!! It's Private Peck's turn to hold it! - Jas

Way to go and tattle on me, Johnson. Now NEITHER of us has the flag! - Grommit

You don't need a weapon. Charge that machinegun nest with this!! We'll be right behind you... - KKapinski

I hope he does not poke me in the eye with that thing (the soldier at attention to the immediate right) - Marc

By golly, you're right solider! This is a beautiful shade of purple. I'll make sure your First Sergeant is aware of this. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. - Retired Eagle

Because of his knit-picking ways, the more important matter of the correct parade route (in downtown Chicago) was somehow overlooked. - Navy Mom

All right Soldier, Let it go!"- Wayno

Somehow, some way, I'll whip this bunch of recruits into shape! Even if it kills me!!! -hawk4523

Let go and I'll show you! - raggedrae

Give that here, Private. I'll show you some real banner movements. I used to be on the Polish Pike Line. - Lifer

"Mine!" "No, Sir, it's mine!" "Let Go!!" - Lifer

Let go ! Dis you hear me??? I said let go! This is mine and I ain't letting no smart ass hold it!! So for the last time gimme it! - Chuckles

I told you not to put that in your booth -weasel512

Sarge let go of the flag, it's Pvt. Jones'turn to carry the flag. - Johnny

Capt. speaks, " this is port arms Private and don't you forget it"- Nichwa


Hey! What's your problem? This is my flag! - Robert Hui Hong Kong

If you won't play nice then I will take the flag away. - Surbie

But Sergeant Major, I don't want to go. - Surbie

You hold it LIKE THIS!!! - Rear Admiral-Jay

It's my flag!" "No--it's mine!!" "Mine!" "Mom, Bobby's trying to take my flag again!" - MisterJ

sir, one question, why do we all wear camo if were just going to take these colorful flags with us into battle - howitz

Hey guys! Did you know that red is the most visible color to the human eye? Here, hold this. If anyone starts shooting, come tell me. - Look!

Here, you take it...NO, you take it...Uh, NO, you take it.......- Smitty

Exactly just what did he say my responsibilities were? - Wolfdawg

No,no,no...hold it in this hand like I showed you! - Doc Blair

GIMME THAT! I'm taking my flag and going home! - Groundpounder

"Sir..Sir you have to let go! Everyone is watching!" - Groundpounder

General: Now as we pass the tortch down to the next in command we must remember that the only thing that matters is that Army beats Navy and that my ghetto booty never gets on a website that will be viewed by millions! - 101st Rangers

"I don't want it. You take the damn thing." - SPC Holthus

WHAAAAAT! What do you mean this isn't the gree on the 18th hole? What's this flag for, anyway?- TROOPER ADAMS

Gimme that. How many times do I have to tell you, leave the Mickey Mouse flag at the barracks. - Mercury7

What do you mean you took it from the white house tour?! - Marine51

...and the next time you drop it, I'll have the lieutenant here shove it where the sun don't shine!!! - i am weasel

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