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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #23

Official US Navy Photo

The Winners:

Mom said to come in NOW! -David

"Uh sir...enemy bombers in range!!" - Weasel

Oh $#!^, we hooked you up backwards on the CAT. Do some of that fancy pilot stuff and see if you can get pointed in the right direction. - PaulFalk

Honorable Mentions (In order of receipt):

Hello, Dominos'? Oh never mind - here comes the driver now! - Billboat

"I told him three time before he left...make sure the speakerphone is ON!!"- Charley Noble

Ah, Mom, there will be one more for dinner.-yllib72

What do you mean you missed that class during training??- Jonathan Bensley

"Hey Saddam, hear that? Remind you of anything? See ya soon!"- Ian

"Um, yes sir, it IS off the ground. No sir, I can't believe it, either!" - Melissa

Sorry honey, I'll be a little late for dinner. The last plane just left the ship.- LANA ZAWASKI

What took you so long with my pizza? -G-man

Did you remember to get the captain's latest copy of Playboy? - usmcgruntmom

Oh, that was carry-out?- Hugh

"Honey, guess who's dropping in for dinner?"- Senior Chief "D"

Yes, you are trailing some kite string, why? - PaulFalk

OOPS! Sorry to bother you again. Here comes the Pizza-man now - Dan Topolewski

hey where are you going!!!!!!! - Col. Robert L. Scott

Yeah, nice approach, wrong end of the ship. Go down to the end of the deck, make a U-turn. You can't miss it. - PaulFalk, Infantry

"Hey, Nice Ass"- Jonathan Payne

Nope, we don't do oil changes here! - ssgwhiskers

This guy forgot to dial 1-800-CALL-ATT - medic 173rd abn

Waht do you mean you forgot your toothbrush and are returning to the ship? - Wally

Baby, I told you, I can't talk...yes I love you. Sweetie...i gotta go, my boss is coming...bye...Clear to land Bravo Echo Charlie Six Eight Niner - DEP Recruit Joseph Abdullah

What do you mean "Breaker One Nine" ? - Rick Bates

Hello, Mom! - Jim

"Hold on one second, Spider. AT&T says they have lower rates!" - Navy Mom

How to tell when your early warning system is down......- Weasel

Thank God Dominos delivers.......- Chubbs

You better have brought enough coffee and doughnuts for all of us, sir! - asstchief48

Is this going to be a long distance call? - mykab

I KNOW MOM, but I really have to hang up now. No I am not just saying that, I have to go. SORRY - ROBERT J. GRADT

Can't talk now, mom... - CVA-12

Go Big, or Come Down Now! - Submariner's-love


"Just land the damn thing and deliver the Skipper's pizza!!" - viewcam

Yeah he's on his way captain, you should get as far away from his wife as possible! - gonnagogrunt

Yes Sir, I know your pizza will get cold, but we have to wave you off this time! - Retired Eagle

hey, cap'n,look out! there's a hostile foriegn plane trying to land on us! - jenny

Honey, did you remember to pick up bread and milk on the way home? - LB

I'll see you when you get home dear. Yes, I love you too. *kiss* - Sproket

OK, they're gone....send in the strippers and make sure you got plenty of beer. - Navy Mom

Listen, I ordered a Cappuchino, not Latte. I don't care if you're low on fuel. You won't and until you get it right! - Milhouse

"Roger that," he says we look like ants! - AF4life

"I wonder if this guy knows we're not a Carrier?" - Cowboy

Captain?, Those damn Mormons have found us again. - Gandar

Capt'n Jeb, Commander W wants yout land now. And that's an order! - Top Cat

I told you to use 1 800 collect, now for that your not landing on this ship!!! - Sgt Leg

: "....and what is the first derivative of two X squared?" - Perifeique

What do you mean we wern't supposed to re-fuel him? He sounded American!? - Buff

Hello....where have you been?You missed the lunch! - Robert Hui Hong Kong

That's correct, 4,000 big macs, 4,000 fries, 4,000 cokes and Top wants the biggie Happy Meal for a boy!! - pedede

Pizza Hut sure delivers fast! - tennisf16

Sorry. We're closed for today. - Cecilki

Ma, yeah can uh you call back this is kinda important - jImBo

Hello? well i'm kinda busy right now can you call back later? - XGEP

Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full. - Jazzer

You want to land WHERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?! - Jazzer

ummmm, sir? I think your a just a tad to high to land - madfish

Oh Yea, Aunt Martha said, 'to make sure you stop and pick up milk on your way home". - Slickrock76

"..Domino's Pizza?" - Lewis B.

"Hey Joey! Remember the guy who bought that F/A-18 with the busted GE engines from us? I think he's back..." - Namakemono

I want two whoppers, with fries, and a vanillia milkshake. Got that ? - Carole F.

"Hello, Honey? I think I'm going to be a little late for dinner...." - Jan

PFC Smith was disheartened to learn that the UFO he had reported, was, in fact, a Navy plane. - Melissa

Take it around a couple more times, Jim. The landing crew has all gone to lunch. - BANKMAN

Don't forget the milk!!! - Paul

Hello recruiter...I thought u said I'd get to fly the planes...What do u mean aviation degree?...I thought u said I could trust you...No my job isn't exciting...No it's nothing like you described.... what?....Accelerate this! - Jaguar

Sir, you forgot the Columbian Coffee! - Nate W.

deposit 25 cents for the next three minutes pease - (No Name)

I dont care how much fun it is get down here its past your bed time! - JD

remember, no anchovies - pizzaman

you have five seconds or my pizza is free!! - Ben

Say on your way back, get me a large fry and a diet Coke. - CaH

No honey I told you I dont have time to talk about last. - jeshio

Sorry, I have to go. My ride's here. - Hammer

"....and don't forget 50 cases of bud" - One-up

"Yes Admiral, it's him." "No Sir, I can't tell if your daughter is with him again." - Hubcap

I can barely hear you. One of those stupid jets again. - NeTworker

Glad you could make it! Hurry up, supper's on!! Land that sucker and let's eat!!! - Mike McNamee

No I swear he not at the tail hook convention! - C.Wise

Thank you for calling. Your business is very important to us. Press one for English, two for Spanish. - OtraVez

Nevermind. The pizza just showed up. - Mike Worden

"G-156's calling Deck C,I am coming in." Deck:" You are late, as late as "Military photo of the week"!" - Robert Hui Hong Kong

You forgot to do what? - Doug O.

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