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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #14

Official DOD Photo

The Winners:

Here we see KFOR soldiers being issued their homes for the duration of their tour. Pentagon officials say each cardboard box was made for less than $5,000. - recon

Dang it! I said I'd help you move, but I think you're taking advantage here. - bradley547

Shinseke decides that he wants all Kosovar refugees to wear "army of one" t-shirts and black berets. KFOR soldiers make the emergency delivery. - Allen Brown

Honorable Mentions (In order of receipt):

Hey, Sarge! They gotta start making these MRE's smaller! - Bill

Soldiers unload yet another load of stuff the Clintons took from the White House. - Chubbs

The troops in Serbia finally receive that ice cream that they ordered in July. - indiana913

You can never have enough beer! - Eric

Christmas delivery in Iowa. - Cecilki

HI HO HI HO It's off to work we go! la la la la la la la la Hi HO HiHO - Kelly

Step lively Franklin; The General wants these doughnuts pronto! - Navy Mom

These guys really need to cut down on their e-bay purchases...- usmcsgtval

"Meals on Wheels" military style - Dutch Treat

Damn Fedex! - Droopy1939

Santa's elves complete their sled unloading. - daChief/LTC

They won't miss this food in Kosovo, will they? - Grim Roach

Hmmm. Real Chicago Deep dish, and breadsticks - Admer_will

I should have known I'd get stuck when they asked for anybody with UPS/FedEx experience! - Retired Eagle

I would have been willing to chip in for a refrigerator to keep this ice cream in. - Adam

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work we go. As Santa's sliegh breaks down the Alaskan National Guard jumpt to action. - tatawawa

Who wants to trade for Ham Slice? - Sgt KILL

Man, I told them it wouldn't hold these two extra boxes. - Meathead

I though you brought beer ?? - weasel

OK got the M60 & M16 Ammo, Hey wait! Who ordered the pizza and beer? - Cpl Black

And to think I left UPS for this? - MrJAG

About 3 miles this way, turn east at the Texaco station, go to the end of the gravel road and follow the path to the second white house...ask for Buford. Buford knows everything. - Steve

RESUPPLY: "Here's your creamed corn guys" - Wayno

MRE's again? I hope there's candy in mine this time...- jaime-renee

I tell you Joe, the Colonel said it was two boxes too many for a Blackhawk to handle! Luckily we have Big Windy around! - PREACHERMAN

Wait, what's it say on the box...fragile, ego inside. - PM

Now we're even doing Santa's job! - DGH

Who ordered the pepperoni? - Gomer

You are seeing the first declassified picture of a highly secret unit. The unit is called "The Big Secret FedEx Bravo Company" - Mike G.

Bob's packages from his mother kept getting bigger every week. - the W'rkncacnter

It figures, millions of dollars for the 'chopper but nobody thought about any hand trucks. - Tony Campo

The general ordered how many boxes of girl scout cookies?! - MaverikIII

Base Commander wanted to go snow skiing. Problem? Not enough snow. Solution: Thule Base 19th Wing has the answer: transport 7000 boxes of snow from Greenland.- MSAGRO

Rosie O'donnell likes her lunch at 11:30 sharp! - LES Ro

I cannot believe the palestinians are actually buying these squirt guns -this is getting ridiculous!Somebody should step in. - mattatu

And you thought civilian movers would trash your stuff...- JSTARSFlyer

And so the colonel says "my wife wants you do do a little shopping for her when you get there..." - Ed Gosnell

Last one out is a rotten egg! - sunbum

Hi! Fox Hole Pizza delvery Any were in the world in 30min....- mousesar

Six more weeks until we graduate form the Basic Elf course than its off to the North Pole. - PMC

I know the President doesn't want overkill against the Palestinians but making us fight back with rocks is ridiculous - M5CH

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work we go! - Shane Henson

Okay boys' hurry up and get the Generals girl scout cookies to him.- Bice Admiral

Now what in the world would the sarge want with all of this womens lingerie? - KDFresh

Army of One Freight Lines, Inc.- CharleyNoble

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