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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #13

Official DOD Photo

The Winners:

Chief: Listen up, sailor! When the plane lands, grab the hook and hold on tight! - cptward

Do you have any extra toliet paper over there? - gumby

Yussir! That's a what I said... $7000.00 to fill up your F-16, and we ain't a budging till we see the money first!! - SSG Gov

Honorable Mentions (In order of receipt):

Hey, we're getting better! Last week we had an L on our foreheads! - HoopMatron

The Defense Department announced the completion of the U.S. Navy's new bio-engeenering program. The aim of the program was to eliminate head injuries on the Navy's flight decks. - Discowhale

Frick & Frack didn't anticipate the consequences of falling asleep while the shipyard was building a carrier. - Milguide

This is tuff job, but what the hell someone got to do it. - rat

This really sucks! I hope that damn UAV crashes! - Scout

This is the biggest damn bobsled I've EVER been in !!! - CharleyNoble

Don't get mad at me. How was I suppose to know the lady at the bar was your mom? - Scout

So we just sit here and wait for the steam to come on, huh? When does the attendant come by with the towels? - Meathead

See Joe, I told you we could get a good view of the planes taking off from here. Say, did you remember to bring the hot dog sticks, I got the dogs? - afwife5288

Its gonna take me years to get rid of this tan line!! - buddy

Hey sarge is that a large cannon in front of us or are you just happy to see me? - buddy

I sure am glad we have Monica Lewinsky below deck. - Clint

Will you please stop humming "Its a small world after all..!" - Slim Manthey

Man talk about censorship at the navy drive in, I wonder when will they consider us old enough to wear clear lenses. - Recon

OK guys. Very funny. Now please get us out of the ground. "OK we'll get yall up. Just wait right there while we go get help. Don't go nowhere." - Mike G

The navys latest model of wheel chocks! - kb10

dude, check it out, these new goggles let me see the chic's in the shower room. cool huh? oh, hi sarge. *ssssssssss* - case

All dressed up and no place to go!! - pointman31

Wait! Wait! Hurry up and Wait!!! - Cecilki

Gentlemannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn - staaaaaaaaaaart your engines! - AUmugg

Get Your Motor Runnin...Head Out On The Highway... BORN TO BE W-I-L-D!!! - Sanspeur

So let him blow up the world! Real men don't apologize! - mommaT

Father Dorf is very happy his boys decided to persue a military career. - kevin

Do I need a hair cut? - Mario F.

This sure is a strange place for a tank. - John F.

Tired of speeding "fly boys", the military has strategically placed radar units on the field to entrap the little buggers! - Navy Mom

Tower to ground person T. Get your buddies B,U,and the other T up here, NOW! - CPL Black

Even with females onboard, this is still a boring job - BIT

Humm, I wonder if this is how Dale got his start? - Campo

Go ahead pull that hummer out in front of us, Sarge. - snowshoe

This sure as hell beats a slit trench! - Fubar

Did'ju know that the longest recorded flight of a chicken is thirteen seconds? - Dee

The Air Force put a tourniquet on my leg and stuck me on this flightline? - daChief/LTC

I TOLD you not to try to even out the legs of the chairs by sawing them off one at a time! - Retired Eagle

Another toliet seat acquisition goes amuck, a $1.5M two-holer - gumby

oh not again i saw him do that yesterday - weasel

These fair rides are getting better and better!!....when are we going anyway? - miclicman

The Navy tests its new plan to just "grab" an aircraft's wheels as it rolls by, thereby eliminating the need for all that arresting gear on carrier decks. - kvb

No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking. No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking. No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking. No problem withstands the assault of sustained thinking. - Dee

Never mistake activity for progress. - Dee

This sure is better than them "civilian" tanning salons! - MaverikIII

Okay, now what? - Weezie

Excecution and no last cigarette? Hmmm it´s non smoking area! - Choda-Boy

Dod? dodododooo dod! Ah Dododo Doood doo dodo! Hmmm Doooddodoo - Choda-Boy

These new standard issue toilets are great!, but, where's the toilet paper? - Duke Nukem

AAHHHHH, Nothing like the sun, sea, and JP-4 fumes to relax by. - Madfish

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