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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #11

Photo Submitted by D. Darlington


And in tonight's news-In a cost saving measure the Navy will now purchase Firestone tires for their airplanes. - afwife5288

The enemy is using the old banana in the tail pipe again, sir. - Rita Sue

I heard Florida mosquito's were tough but man this is the 3rd weekend in a row we sprayed them. - ETC(SS) John Cutrone

Honorable Mentions (In order of receipt):

Wow! I guess I put too many beans in my tank...- Jim Sacco

Is it hot in here, or is it just me? - JTW

Man Jim!!! Did you eat beans again??? - Mike Martin

"Jesus Bill, what was in that Chili?" - JTW

That's it Lone Star no more lunches at TACO BELL for you! - Danny Darlington, E

Whooeee - I lost a few pounds on that one!! - missileman


Capt.Huffnager finds out why the rest of his squadron had avoided the refried beans on their recent trip to Tijuana, Mex. - Spider

Damn, I REALLY have to stop eating those burritos. - Jim Burnell

"Kick the tires and light the fire," he says. Just wait 'til I get my hands on Mister "Kick the Tires and light the fire." - Kbenesh

Dang it! I told them that fuel was ripe. - M

In the "hot seat" during Pilot Training. - JSTARSFlyer

Sorry Tower, I thought it was kind of funny that you said fire my afterburner BEFORE I landed. - Retired Eagle

Pphhhrrrrtttt....Whoops........'scuse me!!! - C17load

But the smoking lamp was lit! - Jammer

Uh, oh! - Paul

California's Smog Abatement Program, targets smoking vehicles. - Ian

This is the last time I eat chili before a flight! - Kelly C.

Wellll excuse me - Scotty

Maverick- Kick the tires and light the fires Iceman- I already did. hahahaha - MikeG

Once again the United States Navy come under-fire when thier new Fire fighting equipment did not work on their aircraft causing to crash land in flames only after takeoff. - c/Maj Robinson

It lit off, break out the hot dogs and buns.- Chief

excuse me! Darn good chilie - Catfish

Zippo this is Eagle, your tail's on fire...did you have hot wings for lunch again? - CharriY2K

Uh Captain - Is this the way an afterburner is supposed to look? - Pete

The "Habanero Express" - Van

(Back ground music "...Down we dive, spouting our flame from under...Off with one terrible roar!") Geez!!! Those Air Force guys are always showing off! - Cecilki

"AHH, Man, I'm never eating at Taco Bell agian!" - j-man

"If I've told you once, I've told you twice": "Lay off of Sarge's Chilli!" - pointman31

Ooooopss....I did it again!! - Mikey G

" I said use Hi-Test, not Regular" - Bill

Navigator to Pilot:"...looks like we'll have roasted bird for Thanksgiving afterall!!" - miclicman

Due to the tragedy involved in target practice in Kuwait, Controlers are testing remote-control detonation. - MSAGRO

What did they serve in the mess-hall last night? - Airdale

Beans beans the glorius fruit, the WHOOAHH!!!! - CPL Black

Jambalaya, @ss on fire! - Dragonfly228

I told you not to eat those beans at the mess hall - Rick

...yeah, uh, tower all of a sudden I'm not feeling so hot. I, phaaaaart, excuse me, shouldn't have eaten those old C-Rat beans and franks those Army guys gave us. - Wolf

Air Force scientists and taco bell collaberate on new fuel system - MrRan (gonnagogrunt)

I wish I hadn't had those bean and cheese burritos! - Craig

Man, are they Hot! - Frogg

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