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Military Photo of the Week

Best Captions Contest #10

Official DOD Photo

The Winners:

Looks good. He's in step, good interval. Okay, I guess the dog gets to wear a black beret too. - Vin

"Ewww!! Do I look like a *** tree?" - Dave

Rover, the first non-human Secretary General of the UN, reviewed peacekeepers in Kosovo today. The appointment of a dog to lead the UN came about when only he and former President Clinton were viable candidates... - hmsmark

Honorable Mentions (In order of receipt):

Dont'ask, Don't tell - (No Name)

(Woof) OK so you can't cook, that means in this dog's Air Force I lead you on the leash and tell you how to drive from the back seat - ex-Eddie's air patch programmer

If y'all don't play fair, I'll take my dog and go home. - Cecilki

Quess who is the only individual, that totally knows what to do ? Hint: Not wearing a cap... - Big Guy

psst . . . sarge . . . that's the dog that bit the general! - USCGBruce

Super Pooch Instructor - Slim Manthey

You! On the left! Stand up straight! - JSTARSFlyer

Ok, 1SG if this dog can't teach Gomer his left from right, then I give up. - tata

Sir, is that the General's Dog? - C/Maj. Roinson

Looks like Smoky is doing well with this one. I didn't think he was ever going to get that Specialist to start off on the right foot. - Mama-n-law

Bark two three four, Lets keep it in step there Airman - B Black

And he thinks that this dog can find a needle in a haystack? It can't even see that that sign says he has wondered on to a minefield. - Sir Grim Roach

The SP stands for @$#% patrol - Admer_will

A German Shepherd passes muster under the skillful handling of an SP before Army judges. - sanspeur

To meet their enlistments quotas, the Army will now accept the blind. - Mike G.

Why do they use the dogs? Someone has to do the brain work. - Hong Kong Bob

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