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What the Recruiter Never Told You

Part 10 -- Military Assignments


Property Shipment. The military will pay to move your personal property from your home location to your first permanent duty station, or, you can rent a truck, move it yourself (This used be be called a "DITY Move," or "Do It Yourself Move," but is now officially called a "Self Procured Move"). In such cases the military will reimburse you a portion of what they would have paid a contractor to move it. Warning: You must have advanced permission to do a Self Procured Move, so make sure you visit the base Traffic Management Office (TMO) before doing this.

When you receive your written orders for your first duty station while you are at school, you take them to TMO, who will brief you, and arrange a date for contractors to pack and pickup your personal property. You do not have to be there personally when the packers arrive. If you are not able to be there, however, you must designate someone there (in writing) to be allowed to sign the shipping forms, and supervise the packers. Weight allowances depend on your rank and whether or not you have dependents. More details in our Property Weight Allowance Table.

Dislocation Allowance. You may be entitled to a dislocation allowance (DLA) when relocating your household due to a PCS. However, keep in mind that DLA is intended to partially reimburse relocation expenses not otherwise reimbursed and probably will not reimburse all of your relocation expenses.

Since a 2002 change in the law, members are now entitled to a dislocation allowance for their initial PCS move. Under previous law (2001 and prior) there was no DLA entitlement when the PCS is from your home (or the place where you entered active duty) to your first permanent duty station (PDS).

If you do not move dependents, you receive DLA at the without-dependents rate if you don’t occupy Government quarters (barracks/dormitory) at your new permanent duty station.

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