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ASVAB, 18th Edition

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ASVAB, 18th Edition

The Bottom Line

Has features not found in other study guides. One of the few guides on the market that includes the test on CD ROM.
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  • Includes Practice Tests on CD ROM
  • Exclusive "Scores You Need for Job(s)" Feature


  • Slightly higher price (But includes CD)


  • Greatly expanded over the privious edition -- 660 pages
  • Enlarged paperback format
  • Published 1/2002

Guide Review - ASVAB, 18th Edition

Over 1.5 million people compete to join the United States Military each year. In large part, whether or not they qualify depends upon their ASVAB Score. ASVAB, 18th Edition, can help you not only to qualify for military service, but to qualify for the job you're interested in. I know one recruit who used this guide, to bring his overall ASVAB score up by 30 points. This guide includes not only the standard practice tests, but a CD ROM version of the test, as well, just as the test is given at Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPs). The guide also contains a unique section, matching military jobs up with needed test scores, so you can see which jobs you qualify for.
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