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Arco's ASVAB Basics

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Arco's ASVAB Basics

ASVAB Basics

The Bottom Line

Great for those who are weak in mathmematics and reading/vocabulary
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  • Best guide for those with math and reading probs
  • Great explanations of problem solving methods
  • Test-taking skills and academic skill improvement


  • Only 291 pages
  • Concentrates only on 4 main areas of the ASVAB


  • 291 pages
  • Enlarged paperback format
  • Published 10/1999

Guide Review - Arco's ASVAB Basics

This is probably the best overall guide for those who need intensive help with their math and reading/vocabulary skills (the major portion of the ASVAB which determines whether or not one is qualified to join the military). If you failed the ASVAB the first time, or know you are weak in these areas, this guide can help you dramatically improve your these skills. Author Ronald Kappraff teaches high school science and mathematics in New York City, and does a great job in explaining the "how" to arrive at a correct answer, as well as the "what." The guide goes way beyond simple practice tests, actually teaching the skills needed to perform well on the overall ASVAB test.
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