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How To Fold the U.S. Flag


In the military, there is only one correct way to fold the United States Flag. Here are step-by-step instructions:
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 Minutes

Here's How:

  1. Hold the flag waist high.
  2. Fold the flag in half, from bottom to top, folding the lower (striped section) of the flag over the blue field.
  3. Fold the flag in half again, from bottom to top, (the section with the fold up, to the open edged section).
  4. Starting at the end away from the stars, fold the bottom part of the flag (folded section) toward the top, forming a triangle.
  5. Fold the outer point of the triangle inward toward the stars, forming another folded triangle.
  6. Continue the triangular folding for the entire flag.
  7. After folding, tuck the loose end of the flag into the fold on the bottom side.


  1. Once the flag is completely folded, only the blue field should be visible and it should be folded in the triangular shape of a cocked hat.
  2. Flag folding is best accomplished by two people.

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