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Selected Reserves Montgomery G.I. Bill

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Authorized Training

You may receive benefits for a wide variety of training, including:

  • An undergraduate or graduate degree at a college or university. You may take a cooperative training program. You may also take an accredited independent study program leading to a standard college degree.

  • A certificate or diploma from a business, technical, or vocational school.

  • An apprenticeship or OJT program offered by a company or union. Apprenticeships or OJT programs may offer an alternative to college or vocational school for helping you gain experience in the field you choose.

  • A correspondence course.

  • Flight training. You must have a private pilot certificate and meet the medical requirements for the desired certificate before beginning training. If your program began before October 1, 1998, you must continue to meet the medical requirements throughout your flight training program.

  • Programs overseas that lead to a college degree.
Caution: A State agency or VA must approve each program offered by a school or company.

Restrictions on Training

You may not receive benefits for the following courses:
  • Bartending and personality development courses.

  • Non-accredited independent study courses.

  • Any course given by radio.

  • Self-improvement courses such as reading, speaking, woodworking, basic seamanship, and English as a second language.

  • Farm cooperative courses.

  • Audited courses.

  • Courses paid by the military Tuition Assistance program, if you enroll at less than one-half time. (You can receive MGIB – SR benefits for courses paid by the Tuition Assistance program if you enroll at one-half time or more.)

  • Any course that is avocational (isn’t leading to an occupational objective) or recreational in character.

  • Courses that don’t lead to an educational, professional, or vocational objective.

  • Courses you’ve taken before and successfully completed.

  • Courses you take as a Federal government employee under the Government Employees' Training Act.

  • A program at a proprietary school if you’re an owner or official of the school.

  • Courses you take while you’re receiving benefits for the same program from the Office of Workers’ Compensation programs.

Other Restrictions

  • The VA can’t pay for costs of a test for a license or certification for employment. This benefit, although paid under the ADMGIB program, isn’t payable under the SRMGIB.

  • Under the law, the VA must reduce your benefits if you’re in a Federal, State, or local prison after being convicted of a felony.

  • If you seek a college degree, the school must admit you to a degree program by the start of your third term.

Remedial, Deficiency or Refresher Training

You may be eligible for benefits for remedial, deficiency, and refresher courses.

You may receive benefits for remedial or deficiency courses if you need them to assist you in overcoming a weakness in a particular area of study. The courses must be necessary for your program of education.

Refresher training is for technological advances that have occurred in a field of employment. It’s available only if you have been on active duty. The technological advance must have occurred while you were on active duty or after your separation.

The VA must charge entitlement for these courses.

Tutorial Assistance

You may receive a special allowance for individual tutoring if you train in school at one-half time or more. To qualify, you must have a weakness in a subject, making the tutoring necessary. The school must certify the tutor's qualifications and the hours of tutoring.

If eligible, you may receive a maximum monthly payment of $100. The maximum total benefit is $1,200.

The VA won’t charge you entitlement for the first $600 of tutorial assistance. For payments beyond $600, they figure your entitlement charge by dividing the amount they paid by your full-time rate for schooling.

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