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Army Suggestion Program


Updated May 18, 2004
By Joe Burlas, Army News Service

WASHINGTON -- Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians can now go online to offer Army suggestions -- and possibly win some cash.

The Army Suggestion Program, https://armysuggestions.army.mil, went online May 17. Logging on requires an Army Knowledge Online user name and password.

While there are several advantages to an Army central online program, the biggest plus is anyone with access to the Web can make a suggestion in a timely manner -- no matter where they are, said Brenda Scott, a Suggestion Program official with the Office of the Chief of Staff Strategic Management and Innovations Division.

In the past, deployed Soldiers who came up with good ideas when away from home station would often wait to submit that idea through channels until they returned home, Scott said. The reasons for the wait, she said, were several: getting a copy of Army Regulation 5-17 that outlines submission requirements, keeping the hardcopy submission form clean in the field while filling it out and lack of research resources.

“We have more than 100,000 Soldiers deployed overseas right now and thousands more DA civilians with them,” Scott said. “Any one of them with a suggestion can now go online and submit their ideas without fear of getting the paperwork dirty, and there are links on the page that give lots of research material.”

The site also has a link to AR 5-17.

There is even a save function that allows suggestors to fill out the submission packet over a period of time rather than during just one session.

The program seeks suggestions that improve work methods, materials, processes, equipment, logistics, utilities or tools that will benefit the Army. Implemented suggestions that save the Army money are often eligible for a cash award. The more money saved, the larger the potential award.

The suggestion must present a problem or situation, propose a solution and state the benefit to the government.

The new Website also allows supervisors to nominate a suggestor for recognition as the top suggestor of the year in Soldier and DA civilian categories during the annual Secretary of the Army Awards ceremony.

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