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Army Training -- MOS 21J -- General Construction Equipment Operator


Initial Training Overview:

Job training for a Heavy Construction Equipment Operator consists of nine weeks of Basic Training and seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri.

Additional Training Information:

Specific formal training opportunities for this MOS, including advanced training courses available at specific points of the soldier's career, can be found on the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) Web Site.


During Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT), the Army limits a soldier's personal freedom, using a "Phase System," which grants increased freedom, based upon phase of training. For details, see Army Training Phase Restrictions.

Training Details:

Course includes instruction on operating techniques and operator level maintenance of the 5-ton dump truck, M915 tractor and semi trailer, SEE tractor, water distributor, air compressor, and compaction equipment. Other areas covered include: Operating air compressors and related pneumatic tools, operating SEE and attachments, performing, digging, backfilling and loading operations, operates self-propelled compaction rollers during construction operations, perating water distributor during compaction and dust control operations, operating earth auger, rotary sweeper and tiller, and assisting in performance of combat engineer missions.

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