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Army Training -- MOS 13W -- Field Artillery Meteorological Crewmember


Initial Training Overview:

Job training for Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator consists of nine weeks of Basic Training, and eight weeks of Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Part of this time is spent in a classroom and part in the field under simulated combat.

Additional Training Information:

Specific formal training opportunities for this MOS, including advanced training courses available at specific points of the soldier's career, can be found on the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) Web Site.


During Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT), the Army limits a soldier's personal freedom, using a "Phase System," which grants increased freedom, based upon phase of training. For details, see Army Training Phase Restrictions.

Training Details:

Skills that a level one personnel need to perform as a member of a field artillery survey party are: map reading, determine the distance between stations by mechanical and electronic means, determine direction by astronomic observation and gyroscopic means, operate angular measuring instruments and automated survey systems, record field data, prepare schematic sketches of field surveys, and finally compute direction, distance, grid coordinates, height and astronomic azimuth from field data. Some of the course topics covered include: Methods of computing target locations.

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