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Air Force Announces OTS Board Requirements for 2004


Updated February 24, 2011

[GUIDE NOTE: The informaiton below was derived from a letter from HQ, Air Force Recruiting Service, address to all Air Force Recruiting Personnel.

The Line Officer Accessions Board Schedule for Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) selection has been modified for FY04. AFRS/RSOCL will only be conducting six boards for FY04. Four boards (quarterly) will be held for the Rated, Technical Degree Sponsorship Program (TDSP), and Critical Tech sub-programs. Two boards (bi-annually) will be held for the Technical and Non-technical sub-programs. Special panels will be conducted as directed to meet specific needs of the Air Force.

Quarterly boards will be referred to as "Critical Boards," and bi-annual boards will be referred to as "Non-critical Boards." Applications can only meet sub-programs that are available on the board submitted for - applications cannot cross between Critical and Non-critical boards.

Each Critical Board will hold five sub-program panels: Pilot, Navigator, Air Battle Manager, TDSP, and Critical Tech. Critical Board applications will continue to meet up-to two consecutive boards with the exception of TDSP applications and applicants who are only eligible for one board because of their age. Eligible applicants can reapply after 180 days from the date of non-selection, or withdrawal. Rated applicants can have up to two sub-program choices. Rated applicants with two choices will meet the first choice on the initial board.

If not selected, applicants will meet both the first and second choice on the second board. Note: TDSP applicants who are within 365 days from completing their degree may be offered a regular Basic Officer Training opportunity when all TDSP fiscal year requirements have been met. Refer to the Line Officer Program Announcement for more specific guidance on board qualifications for Rated and Critical Tech sub-programs.

Each Non-critical Board will hold two sub-program panels: Technical and Non-technical. Non-critical Board applications will only compete on one board. Eligible applicants can reapply after 180 days from date of non-selection, or withdrawal status. The scheduled board dates will only allow Non-critical Board applicants to meet a board once per fiscal year. Refer to the Line Officer Program Announcement for more specific guidance on board qualifications for the Non-technical and Technical sub-programs.

Grade-point-average (GPA): Effective with the 0402 board the minimum GPA for Non-technical applicants is 3.00. Waivers will be considered for applicants with a total Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) composite score of 150 or higher. The total composite score includes academic aptitude, verbal, and quantitative sub-composites.

Pilot Candidate Selection Method (PCSM) - Effective with the 0401 board the minimum PCSM scores for pilot applicants is 50. Waivers will be considered.

Guide Note: The Air Force has traditionally divided it's OTS selection into three primary categories:

  • Pilot/Navigator. A bachelor's degree in any subject is okay, and primary selection is based on GPA and composite scores from the Pilot or Navigator sections of the AFOQT.
  • Technical (and sub-technical). This means the applicant holds a technical degree, such as a bachelors degree in electrical engineering, or computer engineering, and is a volunteer to fill a critcal-manned officer "technical" specialty.
  • Non-Technical. Applicants with non-technical degrees (such as English, History, IT, Philosophy, etc), and are applicants for non-technical officer AFSCs (such as Finance Officer, Administrative Officer, Aircraft Maintenance Officer, etc).

For the past couple of years, the Air Force has suspended all but Pilot/Nav and Technical applications, filling their (relatively few) non-technical requirements from ROTC and Air Force Academy graduates. In FY 2004, there will be limited opportunities (2 boards) for non-technical applicants.

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