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Air Force Recruiting Duty

Becoming an Air Force Recruiter



An applicant must:

  • Be SRA thru MSgt and have 17 or less years time in service (TIS). All applicants must be career committed, regardless of Air Force specialty code (AFSC) or assignment status.
  • Be qualified in his or her AFSC. Must not have any "3" (or less) enlisted performance reports (EPRs) within the last three reporting periods.
  • Have appropriate time on station (TOS) before applying however, waivers are authorized for CONUS assignments. Overseas members must be within one year of established DEROS to apply.
  • Have a minimum physical profile of 2-2-2-2-2-1 and minimum dental classification of II. Any waiver must be requested and fully documented.
  • Be outstanding in appearance, military bearing, conduct and past performance. Waivers for conditions that detract from outstanding personal appearance, shaving waivers, etc., will not be granted. A Body Fat Measurement (BFM) waiver will be considered on an individual basis. Air Force recruiters must meet or exceed AFI 36-2903 standards.
  • Have a valid state driver's license.


Recruiters are chosen from two sources, volunteers and selectees. Volunteers are the preferred method of selection however, if a requirement remains unfilled the Recruiter Selection Process mandates that AFPC select the most eligible member to fill these requirements. If you meet the eligibility criteria referenced in the above section and have been on station more than 8 years you are vulnerable for “selection” by AFPC.

The Recruiter Screening Team screens all applications for recruiting duty. This screening process is purposely rigorous and extensive, designed to ensure the best possible person/job match and likelihood for success as an Air Force Recruiter. This process includes review of candidate’s application, EPR history, credit check, AMJAM check, medical records review of member/family, Unit Commander’s Recommendation, and an extensive interview/assessment process. Potential applicants will be administered the Emotional Quotient Inventory and the Emotional Quotient Interview, which will be scored against the profile of successful recruiters to determine potential skill match for recruiting duty.

Every effort will be made to place selected applicants in their areas of preference, however, this cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, if you’re a volunteer, you will not be assigned to a location without your consent. Under no circumstances should any PCS planning be made until official assignment notification by AFPC.


Applicants selected for a recruiting assignment receive assignment instructions through their MPF, to include orders for the TDY to the 7-week Recruiting School at Lackland AFB, Texas. Upon successful completion of the recruiting course, new recruiters will return to their duty stations and process for a normal PCS move.

For more information about the Recruiting School, go to their web site at https://wwwmil.lackland.af.mil/37trg/345trs/recruiting The recruiting course is one of the most challenging courses in the Air Force and requires extra effort and sincere desire. Standards at the Recruiting School are high. Duration of the course is 7 weeks (8 hours a day, 5 days a week).

There is a lot of homework and study. Instruction includes Air Force benefits and entitlements, program selection criteria, advertising and promotion, community relations, speech, and salesmanship. There are several graded exercises, including written examinations, speeches, and sales presentations. Sales presentations are timed, simulated situations in which the student is the recruiter and the instructor is the prospective recruit. Speeches are 8 to 12 minutes and are persuasive presentations directed at simulated audiences, such as civic groups and high school students.

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