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Air Force Inspector General (IG) Complaints Program


Filing an IG Complaint

Air Force military members and civilian employees have a duty to promptly report FWA or gross mismanagement; a violation of law, policy, procedures, or regulations; an injustice; abuse of authority, inappropriate conduct, or misconduct; and a deficiency or like condition, to an appropriate supervisor or commander, to an IG or other appropriate inspector, or through an established grievance channel. Complainants should attempt to resolve the issues at the lowest possible level using command channels before addressing them to a higher level or the IG. The immediate supervisory command chain can often resolve complaints more quickly and effectively than a higher level not familiar with the situation. Use the IG system when referral to the command chain would be futile or there is fear of reprisal.

How To File an IG Complaint:

  1. If you believe you are unable to resolve your complaint in command channels, review the above to determine if the complaint should be filed with the IG. You may file a complaint if you reasonably believe inappropriate conduct has occurred or a violation of law, policy, procedure, or regulation has been committed.

  2. Complete the personnel data information on AF Form 102 (typed or printed legibly) (the preferred format for submitting complaints) so it may easily be reproduced.

  3. Briefly outline the fact and relevant background information related to the issue or complaint on AF Form 102.

  4. List the allegations of wrongdoing BRIEFLY (in general terms) and provide supporting narrative detail and documents later when interviewed. Write the allegations as bullets that answer who committed the violation; what violation was committed; what law, policy, procedure, or regulation was violated; and when the violation occurred.

  5. Submit the completed AF Form 102 to any Air Force IG and set up a follow-on meeting to discuss the complaint.

  6. If the IG is named in the complaint, contact the next higher level IG.

Complainants’ Rights

Complainants have the right to:

  • File an IG complaint at any level without notifying or following the chain of command.
  • File a complaint with an IG without fear of reprisal.
  • Request withdrawal of their complaint in writing; however, IGs may still look into the allegations at their discretion.
  • Request the next higher level IG review their case within 90 days of receiving the IG response. Specific reasons must be given as to why the complainant believes the original investigation was not valid or adequate; simply disagreeing with the findings is not sufficient for additional IG review.
  • Request “express confidentiality” if they fear reprisal.
  • Submit complaints anonymously.

Complainants’ Responsibilities

Complainants must file within 60 days of learning of the alleged wrong. IG complaints not reported within 60 days may seriously impede the gathering of evidence and testimony. The IG may dismiss a complaint if, given the nature of the alleged wrong and the passage of time, there is reasonable probability that insufficient information can be gathered to make a determination, or no special Air Force interests exist to justify investigating the matter. Complainants must cooperate with investigators by providing factual and relevant information regarding the issues. Complainants must understand that they are submitting official statements; therefore, they remain subject to punitive action for knowingly making false statements and submitting other unlawful communications.

Confidentiality Policy

The IG makes every effort to protect the identity of complainants from anyone outside IG channels. IGs may release the name of a complainant only on an official need-to-know basis. Investigating officers do not divulge a complainant’s name to a subject or witness or permit the complainant to read the complaint without the IG’s or appointing authority’s written permission.

Above information derived from AFPAM36-2241V1

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