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Rod Powers

    Preparing for Air Force Basic Training

    Enlisting in the Air Force? Your gateway to an Air Force career is Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) at Lackland Air Force Base, in Texas. During your 6 1/2-week stay at Lackland (about one-half week for in-processing, plus six official training weeks), you'll be required to absorb a lot of knowledge. However, there never seems to be enough time during basic training to just sit back and study. Therefore, the more you can learn in advance, the less stressful basic training will be. This "e-course" is designed to help you in this endeavor. In 21 separate daily lessons, you'll learn the major topics you need to learn to successfully complete basic training and get a good start on your Air Force Career. Will we teach you everything you need to know to graduate Air Force Basic Training? Of course not. Many things that you'll learn during basic require "hands on" training, and we can't do that over the Internet. However, we can cover the major academic areas that you will be required to learn, and give you a "heads up" on what to expect in some areas.

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