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Joel Baglole

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Thank you for visiting About.com's site dedicated to military weapons and equipment. I hope you will find the information contained on the site current, informative, and useful. It is my intention to explain military weapons and equipment in a way that is easy to understand for readers. Please contact me directly if you have questions or concerns about any of the information posted on this site.


A former journalist, I currently work in government relations and strategic communications. As a government relations consultant, I have worked for U.S. and international aerospace and defence companies that sell their military weapons and equipment to governments around the world. This experience has given me insights into the defense industry, government procurement process, and the requirements that militaries have for current weapons and equipment.

By Joel Baglole:

Military weapons and equipment are constnatly evolving to meet the needs of soldiers in combat environments around the world. From desserts to jungles, by land, air and sea, militaries everywhere are finding themselves deployed to new locations that present unique challenges. Successfully meeting these challenges requires soldiers to have the right weapons and equipment. In this site, you will find information on current military weapons and equipment, as well as on the history and evolution of the defense industry. My intent is to explain how military weapons and equipment have evolved over time to meet the demands of today. Where possible, I will also look down the road at the weapons and equipment of the future.

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