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Rod Powers

Army Drawdown on the Way

By August 30, 2012

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The drawdown looms large. While the Army is being cagey about exactly how it will shrink to pre-9/11 size, several things have become crystal clear. There is a target list and it’s not as benign as you might think — or hope, according to an Army Times article.
September 11, 2012 at 11:59 am
(1) William D. De Nomie says:

I can tell you the lifers / NCOs that will stay in the Army: The skirt chasers, the wannabee’s, ticket punchers, those with court martials and disciplinary actions.
I spent four years 66/70 in the US Army during the Vietnam era met many of the NCOs listed above. However, I had only one 1St. Sgt. that
I respected, he was a real soldier always in front with the troops, as for myself when I made Sgt. what I never did, was make fun of, harass or belittle a man, ate with my men.
Went one time to the NCO club, and ran into the 1St. Sgt. I had in Germany 66 / 67, I was on my second tour in Vietnam 69 / 70 this man had no honor he only knew how to demean people, yeah real leadership. He tried to ripoff my Sgt stripes, stood up and faced him down he was nothing but a drunk. Left the Army it was the best decision I ever made, went farther in civilian life, than I could ever have done in the Army. Made Sgt, and proved I was a capable and experienced soldier…

September 11, 2012 at 8:23 pm
(2) David Miller says:

William…..ya gotta let it go.

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