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Rod Powers

Tour Lengths Change in Korea

By May 12, 2009

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Department of Defense officials approved changes to the Joint Federal Travel Regulation that affects the length of military tours in Korea, according to an Air Force News Service article. While service members can still elect a 12-month unacompanied tour, they now have the option of being accompanied by their dependents at several locations. The revised JFTR allows for 24- or 36-month accompanied tours at bases in Pyeongtaek, Osan, Daegu, Chinhae and Seoul, while two additional locations -- Dongducheon and Uijeongbu -- now offer 24-month accompanied tours.

Any Army or Air Force servicemember who accepts a three-year accompanied tour to South Korea will receive $300 in incentive pay every month from arrival in South Korea until departure. Army and Air Force servicemembers accepting a two-year accompanied tour in Dongducheon and Uijeongbu will also receive the incentive pay, but only if their family members live with them in Area I.

May 19, 2009 at 10:55 am
(1) Jeff Johnson says:

My family and I enjoyed a wonderful, 3-year accompanied tour in Deagu from 1987 to 1990. We lived off post and eventually found a very modern home with a courtyard garden that I wish I could have duplicated back here in the States. Our children grew up in their most formative years thinking they were bond-headed Korean kids. Our daughter returned to the States speaking more Hongul than she did English. The DOD school on post was excellent and enjoyed terrific support from the parents. Our Korean neighbors were supportive to the point that one weekend they removed curbstones at the entrance of our alleyway and replaced them with cement ramps. This happened in a posh neighborhood that included oil executives, and senior government officials! We became good friends and continue our friendships to this day. We spent many weekends touring Korea by car on quality highways. We hiked and camped in the national parks that featured modern facilities. We never worried about the local food and often purchased fresh fruit and vegetables there. Korea turned out to be the best overseas tour my family and I ever had. This is a great opportunity for a family to enjoy another culture in a modern setting.

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